Commercial Laundry Services For The Medical Community
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Meditex Laundry Service


Meditex Laundry Service is the new standard of laundry excellence in the State of Connecticut.  Committed to our customers, Meditex Laundry provides high quality, cost efficient and reliable service.  Our services include laundry by the pound, linen rental/laundry and we also offer a line of medical linen and garments such as lab coats, patient gowns, scrubs, bedding and towels for purchase.


Focused exclusively on the Medical care industry, Meditex understands what it takes to deliver utmost comfort to your patients and make their experience at your facility, one to never forget.  Working with us, you will be assured of getting fresh, soft clean and sanitized linen, on‑time, every time.


Our Commitment 


  • Passion to exceed your expectations, with the highest quality service.


  • Flexibility to adapt to your needs, operation and structure.


  • Reliability ‑ a delivery system you can count on. 


Meditex Laundry Service is a private company that maintains a highly modern facility that surpasses the national laundry service chains in performance and customer service.  Our pick up laundry services brings a personalized, highly detailed level of attention to your unique business needs.

Meditex Laundry Service has been operating for over 20 years.  We cherish our long‑term relationships with all our customers.  Customers such as Orange Healthcare, Marshall Lane Manor, Danbury Hospital, Bridgeport Hospital, Griffin Hospital, Stamford Hospital and a host of medical centers and doctor’s offices  throughout Connecticut.

All of our customers enjoy tremendous savings from working with our laundry programs and receive a truly personal service that not only increases their bottom line, but enhances their image in the eyes of their patients.

When you next consider your arrangements for laundry service, I would welcome the opportunity to understand your requirements and show you how your facility could be saving thousands of dollars in laundry/rental costs.

Call today for more information and a free estimate.

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